A Tail of Three Friends

Pallavi Sharma
2 min readJul 31, 2023

Just felt like penning a story I told my daughter. Its our usual afternoon routine. I tell her a story and then she tells me one. She is 4. She told me this- there is an apple, and pineapple was her parent. I enjoyed this a lot. Anyways coming to the story I told her today..

Once there was a monkey.. a big one.. (this big.. this big… thisss bigggg). But it had a small tail and only 2 teeth. Everyone around him made fun of him.. Once he was walking(dhoom dhadaka.. dhoom dadaka…) he met a Elephant.

For an Elephant it was well quite small. He was well a dwarf, but had a surprisingly long tail and a very short trumpet. The monkey looked at the Elephant and asked.. “you must be used to everyone laughing at you”.

Elephant- how do you know.. Monkey — I know.. will you be my friend? And then they both walked into the jungle, you know the tune by now..(dhoom dhadaka.. dhoom dadaka..)

They met a tiger. It wasn’t big, nor it was small. It was just like in the middle, as if a shape of a square. His color wasn’t the usual yellow with stripes.. but somewhere with green tinge.. and his tail.. Oh! there wasn’t any…

The Elephant and the Monkey looked at the Tiger. The Tiger looked back at them, and said.. will you be my friends? And the three walked in the jungle with cmon sing along .. (dhoom dhadaka… dhoom dadaaka..) ..

Hope it brought a smile.. hope your children hear this. And hope the child in you smiled.

That’s all folks!



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