2 min readJan 31, 2023
a famous quote by someone famous(unknown)

I don’t know whether you like me any more or not..

The words pierced thousand times deeper into the heart, shattering it into million pieces..

Why is it that every time I open my heart to welcome you, you always find a way to break it again..

This time I will close it for good, its better to be this way..

The heart sobbed for days and night, draining the mind away..

The nights became sleepless, and every whisper as if blaring on a loud speaker..

Maybe the heart suggested, shroud me with a cloak, but don’t build walls.. I can’t breathe..

The mind not ready to listen up kept building the walls anyway..

Then one fine day a bus was in a hurry and the heart took the body in front of it..

The mind gave up and agreed on the cloak, and shrouded the heart for good..

Stay the mind told the heart, its better this way..

There is a life to lived and know deep in your heart, that I love you no matter what..

The question is not how many times did you open your heart for others..

But did you open it for your self..

Discover and know yourself and live if you can for yourself..

The heart heard the mind, the battle is subdued for now..

maybe the lesson will be learnt.. may be the healing will be done..

who knows… but the time.




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