Eventually All Fades Away

2 min readDec 16, 2022
Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

People fade away so does feelings.. just give it time..
Nothing in life is permanent.. u know it, I know this.. so why all the hue and cry!
The pain..it will dampen, doesn’t go away I won’t lie.
You see the brain neural network weakens, it’s just science :)
If someone asks you today, how are you doing?
Tell them the whole story..
Start from the begining.. do check if they are still listening or dropped dead!
Stop showing what you are not, reveal your real self..
If you are a demon, then be a demon… angels are anyways made after death!

This poem is written, in response to the December second week prompt provided by Sahil Patel .

Good byes are part and parcel of growing up. Indeed painful and many times necessary. In this journey of life, we come across people, situations, places, events. Eventually to move forward we have to say good bye to them. Yes for many we do leave a part of us behind, and we take with us their parts. And all these experiences makes who we are today.

I wrote this poem, many years ago when I met someone who was going through a break up. It reminded of my own experience, and how painful it can all be. But I know now better, that eventually these are feelings and they do fade away with time. And sometimes when our heart bleeds, we should trust that our brain, thanks to evolution will weaken those neural network which causes us pain… so let it all wash away.. and as the year ends.. lets say goodbye to the 2022 it was!




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