I Purple You

2 min readMar 31, 2023
Photo by author(Pallavi) Kovalam, India Jan 2022

I think it was God’s way of telling me I Purple You..
The evening at the beach, when the sky was filled with purple hue..
The color of royalty, the symbol of trust..
Beautiful are the rainbows, with the purple bursts..
Color of magic, the color of the witches hat..
Mysterious in its appeal, as if capturing you in its latch..

I wonder what purple I like..
Is it the blue of a berry or the pink of an onion..
Is it the liliac of the flower, or the bunch of lavender..
Is it the color of the tasteless eggplant, or the sweetness of the red grape..
Is it the color of the peacock that mesmerizes me or the ink of the octopus scaring its predators away..

Taking me on a spiritual path, asking me to trust my wisdom..
Is it the color of intuition, I wonder sitting in our crown chakra..
Or is it the color sky takes, when the sun sets as the blue fades away..and becomes red..
Just before the nothingness of the blackness sets in.. the sky colors itself Purple.. or Violet, or maybe you like to call it Burgundy…
Maybe its the color which asks us to surrender and be one with the eternity..

I wrote this poem, I Purple You in response to the prompt given by Sahil Patel, for the Lifeline (https://medium.com/lifeline-poetry/marchs-third-week-prompt-of-lifeline-f20e2e75d751).

Thank you Sahil, It was a great prompt to write on.




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