I will be Water

1 min readMay 27, 2022
Photo by Me (Pallavi)

Never still, always moving

uphill, downhill with pebbles floating

sometimes i will quench a thirst

and sometimes i will allow you to submerse

your fears, your anguish as you dip in the coolness I provide

whether its a bright sun, or a rainy day, I allow you to stride

over a bridge, across the gentle stream, you can use a boat or a yacht and dream

I will be your mirror reflecting nature around you as sun sets

through the sounds of crushing waves or the flow of gentle stream you bet

I will be water, as I think I take any shape or size as things change around me

I am flexible enough to allow you space, and become a wave to wash you away

I will be water

This poem is written by the prompt provided by Sahil Patel, as May’s fourth week prompt, to select a nature element and write. https://medium.com/lifeline-poetry/mays-fourth-week-prompt-of-lifeline-734c9a3e002b


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