3 min readApr 18, 2023
Creator: Ralph A. Clevenger | Credit: Getty Images

If life is a subject, then the topic I chose to major in is change!

My heart is stuck at the ten me…
Dressed in my favorite yellow apparel… looking at the birthday messages..
My father has painted on the mirrors of the home, with my mother’s lipstick…
Oh! heavens… I know I am loved deeply…

My heart is stuck at the seventeen me, still hanging onto the door of my house..
Not wanting to leave for the far away land, and get lost in the crowd..
I remember the train journey, the non stop tears..
The pain of leaving me behind, and from the dreams into the unseen fears..

My heart is stuck at the twenty eight me… dressed as a bride..
Ready to run away from all the limelight..
No I didn’t sign up for this aplomb, everyone decked up with smiles..
Who knew the fairy land of love… crashes hard into the reality of new relatives who you have to keep in stride..

My heart is stuck at the thirty one me…
With the hope of bringing another me..
I saw him first after three days of arrival..
It ain’t easy when you are responsible for someone else survival!

Change.. was what happened as days flew by..
A change from what I knew, to what I am learning..
A change from who my friends were…
A change to be my own friend first…
A change from a child to a parent..
A change from a girl to be a woman..
Change happens even If I resist..
Life taught me this.. sometimes holding my hand gently.. and sometimes in the harshest of ways…

And as I live.. I learn to let go… of the me stuck up in the old memories…
And as I live… I learn to let go.. of the people stuck up in my old memories..
As they have changed, with the changing me..
And acceptance of this will only bring peace.

The other day I was listening to this beautiful song originally sung by Geeta Dutt, from the movie Kagaz ke phool. I was listening to the version sung by Amitabh Bachhan from the movie 102 not out. It was just yet another day I was missing the innocence of the times when we knew little, and lived more.

As I am growing older, the saying -”The only constant in life is Change”, has started making more and more sense. Although my anxiety prone mind fears the change the most, and well that just doesn’t help! Routine is what I like but life can’t be lived like this. The biggest lesson I learnt in life was of Change!

The beautiful image above of Metamorphosis, reminds me of the beautiful story — A Very Hungry Caterpillar by the author Eric Carle. It is a must read and I enjoy reading it to my children every time. The Change in life should be taken as that.. we never remain the same.. but if change is to be there.. lets us metamorphosize to the beautiful version of ourselves. And yes it will take time, and constant work on your ownself. Because no, how hard it may sound to you, you won’t be able to change someone else. :)

Thank you Sahil Patel, for the second week April prompt of Life Line — I enjoyed penning this one down.




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