Pareto and Me

3 min readFeb 17, 2022

It was the usual Saturday morning, this is what I thought as I woke up. But it never crossed my mind that it would set of a turn of events which will make me question so many things about the way I have been living. People like me, who feel too much, and oscillate between extremes need Pareto’s help. So what is that Pareto says which should make sense to us. And I would go on to say that for an individual to an organization, to any field from parenting to being an entrepreneur, you will find the that 80/20 is true. Its never 100/0, or 50–50 its always an unbalanced equation, because that’s how the world behaves.

Before I talk about it further let me just make it clear that this is just my experience after reading the first few pages of the 80/20 book, and a session with my therapist, who basically asked me to start taking life in 80/20 way. And as I am still exploring, a lot of things I know already makes sense. And a lot of things I don’t understand, started making sense. Or maybe its all illusion, that’s another topic to write on.

Maybe you are a tester, who is reading this article, because its linkedin, so let talk in language you may understand — 80% of the product feature issues will be caused by 20% of the code written badly. If you are a marketing person, you may know this already that 20% of your customers make 80% of the profit. And if you are a human, it would help you to know that 80% of the issues are caused by 20% events.

For someone like me who oscillate between OCD and Giving Up, between extreme love and hate, between black and whites — knowing well enough life is but 50 shades of grey( what a series! loved it by the way, anyways coming back to the topic).

I believe understanding and implementing the 80/20 rule is life saving. Because for people who have experienced suicide, and know the pain of the feeling of helplessness, I just want to tell you that no it wont get better, but you could learn to live better.

Life is a journey, and one should keep learning. No we won’t be able to find all creases and iron up everything, or accept that lets just live with wrinkled clothing, somewhere no not in between but in the unbalance, maybe we will be able to find the balance. And sometimes when we get tired, I believe its important to take a walk, have a coffee, and shut down the damn computer, and tell the kids to watch cartoons.

Pick the book, and listen to music which is deafening. And breath in and breath out! Oh by the way I forgot to add, that the theory of chaos is even more interesting. In the uncertainties lie the certainty. Go figure your order among the chaos.

Until then folks! Live and let live.


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