Story about a Pencil, Eraser and Sharpener

2 min readJan 5, 2022

Thanks to my children, i have found pencil, eraser and sharpener again. I have specially found that for me sharpening a pencil is a stress buster. So it was yet another afternoon i was trying hard for my daughter to take a nap, and she demanded a story. And i whipped this up for her.

So one fine day a pencil, an eraser and a sharpener were sipping a cup of coffee on a cold rainy day. And were contemplating the meaning of their existence in the world.

Eraser — Hey Sharpi, i feel nobody needs us if the Pencil is not here. What are we without it?

Sharpener — I think you are right buddy, even the pen doesn’t want us, and don’t get me started about scale. Somehow it keeps taking a lot of space in the box.

Pencil- Well I see nobody using me if you two are not here! You correct my mistakes Eraser, and when i become blunt, or headless Sharpi, its you who makes me workable. I am no use without you two.

And then they go back to sipping their cup of coffee, contemplating if the Pen has any such deep meaning friends in its life.

I hope this year you find your eraser, and sharpis and i hope express it to them, that they are important. Many times the people in the foreground shadow the ones in the background, i hope we remember to clap for those who are backstage and making the show go on.


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