The Games We Play

2 min readAug 1, 2023

Its been a while, of us playing the game of eyes..
I know you search for me, and I for you to feel alive..
Its been a while..

I try to make sense of the songs you like..
Trying to find the meaning of your slow smile..
Always looking up, when you call someone’s else name..
I know your voice now.. and I feel your game..
To entice.. its been a while..

I hear the songs you humm when I walk around you..
I see your messages on the phone, like a clock work you send why, to ensure I think about you?
I smell your perfume and I wonder what you would taste like..
oh yes.. It’s been a while..

But I let it go, with a smile on my face and silliness of innocence.. I pretend..
No, I don’t get it the games you play… to make my heart take a ride..
It’s been a while..

Thanks Sahil Patel for the prompt on Adulthood —

I find that I realised I am an adult when I learnt not to act on every emotion I feel. And no you don’t become an adult with age :) You realise you are now an adult with experience, when I think you know you no longer act as a child. There will be entices all around, maybe once in a while its better to enjoy them with innocence, then making a mayhem. Maybe being an adult is also to recognise the child in you, to make it feel secure, and loved. And to make the inner child realise, you are enough. And smile with your eyes. :)

Thats all!




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