This Women’s Day

4 min readMar 7, 2021

Please don’t get offended, because this article writer[me] doesn’t wish that to happen. Still if anything i write or share makes you feel offence, please move on. A Sincere request.

The above is one of the first images which comes up, when i type on google — women driving funny. A long time ago, when i use to drive my car, many a times on the busy road i use to be a bit reckless, i use to think well anyways the other drivers will be thinking “ladki chala rahi hai” [a girl is driving] so it gives me the freedom to let them believe by being reckless that i am not a good driver, and if you see a female driving be careful around her[ a very generic stereotyped thought process]

Wicked i know. I have seen many posts on various platforms, heard on radio stations about women’s day celebration. Good for you women, glad you are being celebrated. I also saw other set of posts, where a man posted that his friend a formula 1 mechanic is not explained about car when she visits a mechanic, and automatically they start explaining the man. I smiled, and then i felt how about complete reversal.

Lets say it was a woman’s domain you know the traditional stereotyped areas like cooking or shopping or childcare or well compassion in general, and a woman accompanied a man chef, who knows nothing about cooking being explained about a particular dish is made- Is it rare that this would happen? On whom the joke would be now? Will you feel for the men or the women or those who want to identified as the third gender?

I recently[months ago] watched a good movie, on how in USA they were forced to change laws for women. A female lawyer actually took case of a man who was primary giver to his ailing mother but didnt get any tax rebate, and by winning this case she made history and caused a wave of change in a society so patriachal in nature. The movie name is “On the Basis of Sex”, and is a true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I believe that in a society stereotyping causes bias, and it could be vice versa as well. Is it avoidable? Can we as individuals practice and then create a small ripple to be turned into a wave? Can we see each other, and every person as human and only human. Will it ever be possible? We, you and me create companies, elect governments, form leaders, create organizations. Our every bias leads to a stereotyping and by not raising our voice AGAINST it we empower it. So lets voice our opinions, we all have brains and power of communication to do that.

So this women’s day kill the bias, kill the sterotyping, allow human to be human irrespective of any bias which come to your mind. We are all unique the way we are created, and let us all celebrate the same.

In the end, as a women — i would want the international men’s day to be celebrated with equal fervour. and hope that in every state/country/continent the third gender gets equal rights and are celebrated too.

i would also want all marriage jokes to be made on men, or atleast have some competitive numbers being shared. Oh equal pay, paternity leaves, parental leaves, equal oppurtunity employer, aiming and achieving actively 50% women as leaders in organization and GOD is a She.

Finally i will end this with this image -

Happy Women’s Day [first and last image are satirical in nature, so read the article again with caution incase you felt offended. ]




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