Once Broken..

2 min readFeb 27, 2023

So life asked have you tasted poison and still lived…
I said yes I did, oh! yes dear god I did..

The night I remember, sitting in a far away land..
Jet lagged, away from home… wanting to find your hand in mine..
Those lines I remember, which were written by your lover..
And here I thought, you were meant to be mine..

She remembered every moment you had spent with her that evening..
Details about the kiss ..
I remember that evening too, when you went awol…
punishing me for the umpteenth time.. you mother fucking piece of shit…

But it wasn’t like this in the beginning, or was she always a part of our lives..
Lurking in the shadows, another of your victims, just as was I…

This poem was written by the prompt given by Sahil Patel for Februrary fourth week prompt of the Lifeline poetry, topic being — “Betrayal”. The link is here — https://medium.com/lifeline-poetry/februarys-fourth-week-prompt-of-lifeline-3383a6a21008

I wish I could write more, but then I couldn’t. People who have been through betrayal may understand my feelings well. It isn’t easy when you have been cheated, robbed off your emotions, your time. The feeling of your heart shattering as if made of glass is a tough one. Once broken no it doesn’t get mended, the dent remains.




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